Think Before You Eat

woman eating a hamburger

Eating mindlessly can lead to a quick calorie build up, can add more inches into your waist and can lead to serious illnesses.

A recent study from the Texas Christian University wanted to know if how people would react if a restaurant would include calorie counts in their menu for each dish and beverage, and also show how long it would take to work off the calories present in each food and drink.

Will people still choose those high-calorie and high-fat foods?

The answer seems to be yes. As compared to people who had regular menus with no calorie counts on foods or exercise and to those who had menu having calorie amount on each item, the third group – individuals who had menu with calories corresponding each food as well as the amount of calorie burn thru walking – ordered less items and ate less.The study suggested that letting people know not only the amount of calories present in the food but also the needed time it would take to burn off the food – particularly the unhealthy ones – may inspire people to make healthy choices, this can be a good way to motivate everyone into making better decisions more frequently.

Since a lot of people extremely underestimate the amount of calories they take, we decided to compile a list of foods and show how long it would take you in the gym if you indulge in them.

⇒A hefty burger can really satisfy you; however, it contains 700 calories, 1,440 grams of sodium, and 41 grams of fat which 18 grams is saturated fat. Plus, an add-on of fries can amount to another 395 calories.

Equivalent Gym Time: About 1 hour of running at a 5 mph pace; roughly 590 calories are burned/hour

⇒If you really love breakfast, then maybe your favorite is the French Toast Slam. It is a classic, made up of 2 French toast slices, 2 strips of bacon, 2 eggs and 2 sausages. This heavy breakfast is equal to 780 calories, 1,510 milligrams of sodium and 45 grams of fat of which 13 of those is saturated fat.             

Equivalent Gym Time: Around 2 hours of hiking, nearly 370 calories are burned each hour.

⇒A delicious grilled chicken ranch sandwich is way better as compared to a breaded chicken sandwich, although the additional bacon and Ranch dressing can undermine things in a way. The chicken sandwich doesn’t have that much calories, however it is packed with 1,210 milligrams sodium.     

Equivalent Gym Time: Weightlifting for an hour

⇒Like all other scrumptious foods, ice cream is relatively risky. With roughly 700 calories for medium sizes, this also has 26 grams of fat, with no fiber (which will make you hungry later) and a massive 86 grams of sugar.            

Equivalent Gym Time: Around 4 hours’ worth of light yoga, approximately 180 calories are burned every hour

⇒A pizza sprinkled with a bunch of toppings is equivalent to 600 calories for 2 slices. You may want to know that roughly half of the calories which the 320 comes from fat plus a total fat count of 36 grams, and an enormous 1,640 mg of sodium for the 2 slices.       

Equivalent Gym Time: One and a half hour of playing basketball; it burns 440 calories every hour

⇒A Chicken Burrito with tortilla, salsa, black beans, white rice, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream contains about 1354 calories.

Equivalent Gym Time:  92 minutes of running (6 mph); 81 minutes of elliptical training; 151 minutes of weight training; or 94 minutes of swimming

⇒A serving of Buffalo wings of 8 chicken wings and ranch dressing (container) comprises 860 calories.

Equivalent Gym Time:  59 minutes of running (6 mph); 52 minutes of elliptical training; 96 minutes of weight training; or 60 minutes of swimming

⇒10 bite Chicken Nuggets, small French fries plus a banana strawberry smoothie (about 12 oz.) have 960 calories.

Equivalent Gym Time: 65 minutes of running (6 mph); 58 minutes of elliptical training; 108 minutes of weight training; or 67 minutes of swimming

Mindless eating can cause the calories to add up quickly, and before you know it your pants are more snug than usual. The next you go for your next bite, think about it. Make good choices. Do it for your health!

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