How To Stay Healthy in College

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So this is it! You’re on your own. You finally are out from Mom and Dad’s roof and the rules that go along with it. With your newfound sense of freedom comes certain responsibility. For yourself, for your schoolwork, your health; everything is totally in your control now. Accountability is what got me through those 4 years without gaining a pound.

Here are a few ways to avoid that dreaded freshman 15.

⇒Establish a routine.

You have your class schedule, so build the rest of your life around it. Make time for studying, gymming (a term coined by me and my college roommates), partying (woops did I say that?), and sleep. If you’re a self-proclaimed planner like I am, this works well. If you’re 100% type B, you’re going to have to make an exception.

⇒Get more sleep.

I remember during the first month of college I didn’t close my eyes before 2am. The girl who was asleep before 11 every night in high school was now getting really friendly with that once foreign thing called a nap. Once you’ve adjusted to your new surroundings, make sure to get an appropriate amount of shut eye.

⇒Eat better.

Now that moms not here to make to your perfected proportioned and balanced lunch, you’ve got to start making healthy food choices on your own. The average human knows whether or not they can eat french fries every day and get away with it. You know what fuels your body best, so focus on yourself and not the incredible metabolism of that 6 pack of abs sitting next to you.

⇒Be active.

Luckily most college require you to walk to class, but that’s not enough. Do workouts in your dorm room with your roommates, join a rec team if the schools sports team is out of the question, find a jogging buddy and check out the campus together. Make like Nike and just do it, you’re the only one stopping yourself from squeezing in a workout. Aim for at least 20 minutes of extra activity a day.

⇒Watch the booze.

Lets address the elephant in the room. It’s college. Underage kids drink on the weekends. As time passes you’ll watch your bank account dwindle to a newfound low, and you’ll swear you didn’t know where the money went. It doesn’t matter what kind you drink, alcohol is loaded with calories and carbs and sugar. Not to mention you’ll be up later and more likely to snack on something you wouldn’t normally eat. I’m not authorizing the sub-21 year old population to get hammered every weekend, but for the sake of my health-wired mind, try and limit your alcohol intake.