Sip This: The New H2O’s

Water and I have a healthy relationship. I never get tired of feeling refreshed and hydrated. What’s not to love about H2O? It is literally a nature-given fountain of youth. Being properly hydrated on a daily basis contributes to a lot more than you realize. (Trust me on this one) Would you expect anything less? Your body is roughly made up of at least 50% water; your brain 75%. Activity of any kind depletes the body of its natural water stores, and needs to be replaced. It is vital for organ function, helps maintain a healthy head of hair, regulates your metabolism, and keeps your energy high while relieving fatigue. Needless to say, your body requires you to drink enough water.

When I ask my patients about their water intake, I cannot tell you the amount of excuses people come up with as to why they don’t consume enough. #1 being, “I hate the taste”. After I stifle my “you’ve got to be kidding me” face, I usually ask what fluids they do prefer to drink. If the answer is soda, stifling my reaction goes right out the window. Hoping to steer them away from nutritionally barren soft drinks, I often then mention a few “water-like” options I myself consume. I teach them to label read choose a health water that suits them.

Here are a few of my favorites, and some that seem like good choices.

Vitamin Water.

Probably my favorite out of the bunch, you can choose from their “zero” option or their regular version. Both types provide you with 100% of your daily recommended value of vitamin B, and are naturally sweetened. Only difference being their zero brands are made with stevia, while the originals use cane sugar, just differing the amount of sweetness.

SoBe Lifewater.

With tons of flavors theres no sugary after taste to these drinks. Sweetened with stevia and natural fruit extracts, SoBe is packed with enough vitamin C to keep those winter colds away.


One of the 7 main flavors, Goodberrymint sounds confusingly tasty, With just a few ingredients: purified water, mint essence, and natural berry flavor, you can find this healthy water alternative at Whole Foods and Amazon.

Hint Water.

If you can acquire this subtly unique taste, than “get a hint” with this product. As their website says: Hint is pure water + a splash of natural fruit. 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 diet sweeteners, 0 fake- need I say more?

Ice Water.

No, not the kind from your fridge. This slim-bottled carbonated drink is a great alternative for those chronic soda drinkers. 0 calories and ranging from waters, to lemonades, to iced teas, these are last on my list only for one reason: they are sweetened with sucralose. Like soda, they should not be consumed regularly, as your body does not know how to process the artificial sweetness.

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