Say No to Winter Weight

winter workout

Unless you live in sub-zero climates, having “extra fat” during the winter is really a bad excuse, not to mention completely unnecessary. And no, you shouldn’t take off the entire holiday season from the gym to start fresh in the new year; how many times have you broken that resolution? If you live where all 4 seasons do, vouch for me when I say that the amount of gym-goers seems to rapidly decrease as the weather gets colder. I’ll never understand that. Sure, it’s 25 degrees out…chances are high you aren’t wearing revealing clothing in public. Next enter the whole: “well I can get away with a little more pudge since my sweater covers it”. And yes, yes you can. The question is, do you want to? Yo-yo exercisers have used all of these irrational self validation techniques time and time again.

So what do you say? Let’s hold ourselves accountable and break this unhealthy tradition by committing to a bodyweight workout plan!

1) Choose a workout database.

You’ll be getting these workouts from 1 of 2, or both, options: and the “12 Minute Athlete” app. Both are free and extremely easy to use.  Neila Ray is an online personal trainer who has created hundreds of bodyweight workouts that can be done right from the comfort of your living room! How great is that? Choose one workout per day from her “random workout” database, or try one of her challenges!

12 Minute Athlete builds off of crossfit/HIIT training exercises to create a 12 minute, 16 minute or “challenge” workout. After selecting the equipment you have available to you (bodyweight only is indeed an option) you shake your phone and bam!-there’s your random workout for the day.

2) Choose a level that is right for you to start with.

Getting too easy? Add another workout day in every 2-4 weeks until you’re up to 6 per week.

Beginner: complete one workout of your choice a day, for a total of 3 per week (non consecutive days recommended- ie: Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

Experienced: complete one workout of your choice a day, for a total of 4-5 per week (complete based on your level of soreness. Doing 4? Try Monday/Tuesday off Wednesday, Thursday/Friday off Sunday. Going for 5? Try for Monday-Friday and give your body the weekend off!)

Advanced: complete one workout of your choice a day, for a total of 6 per week (complete on your own preferences. If Monday-Saturday doesn’t work for you, try every 4th day off with a rotating schedule ie: on- Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday off-Thursday on- Friday/Saturday/Sunday off-Monday on- Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday off- Friday etc)