Why You Need to Drink More Water

Girl Drink Water

A lot of people would like to drink more water but just don’t like the bland taste or find it inconvenient. According to research, it is estimated that 50% of the global population is suffering chronic dehydration despite the availability of drinking water. With the popularity of sodas and juices, more and more people are replacing water with these liquids.

Drinking more water offers many health benefits. Here are a list of the top reasons why we should drink more water.

1. Promotes Weight Loss

Water reduces your food intake (filling up your stomach before meals), helps eliminate by-products of metabolism and fat, raises metabolism and reduces hunger. As a natural appetite suppressant, it is a proven and tested weight loss strategy among many dieters. Though water does not contain any compound that can magically melt fat, replacing it for high calorie drinks or beverages certainly help.

2. Promotes Detox

Getting rid of toxins and body waste products through urination and sweat lowers your risk of developing kidney stones and renal infections. Our body’s main toxin is the urea nitrogen, which is a water-soluble waste that passes via kidneys and eliminated in the urine.

When you take enough fluids, it will show in your urine. Urine is free of odor, light in color and flows freely. On the other hand, if your body doesn’t get enough, urine is concentrated and the odor is strong because your kidneys hold extra fluid to maintain body functions.

A rule of thumb is to try and have urine that is the color of a light lemonade color.

3. Keeps Skin Hydrated

Moisturize the skin, keeping it soft, smooth, fresh and glowing. Water is actually the best and cheapest anti-aging treatment.

4. Prevents Constipation

Proper digestion as water is vital for digesting food. Fiber and sufficient hydration are the perfect combination because water acts like a cleaning broom so your digestive tract functions properly.

5. Strengthens Immune System

Because it helps promote natural detox, a water drinker is less likely to get sick. When we experience toxic overload, our immune system can’t perform optimally. Drinking lots of water will help fight against flu and other ailments.

6. Maintains Fluid Balance

Our body is composed of almost 60% water and it has many different body functions, including absorption, creation of saliva, circulation, maintenance of body temperature and transport of nutrients.

7. Lessens Body Pain

Drinking more water can help reduce pain in your body by supporting your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system consists of tubes, nodes, fluid and vessels that move waste products out of your tissues.

8. Prevents Sprains and Cramps

Adequate hydration helps maintain muscle elasticity and lubrication of joints to prevent joint pain.

9. Relieves Headache

Headaches are commonly caused by dehydration. Keeping hydrated helps in preventing them.

10. Increases Energy

Because your brain consists mainly of water, drinking more helps you focus and think better. In addition, muscle cells with fluids and electrolyte imbalance result in muscle fatigue, causing them to perform poorly.

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