First Stop to Shorten a Cold

Resources Fall is here and with the season change comes cooler weather and nature’s transition with magnificent colors. But, accompanying autumn is the dreaded cold season! I am not talking about temperatures, but that bothersome virus that leads to coughing, runny nose and sore throat.No one likes to catch a cold. A few are lucky enough to evade them. For those few who never get a cold, usually, has great immune system and can manage their stress levels well. But for the rest of us, having an idea on how to treat a cold and prevent it is a worthy knowledge. Cold viruses are easy enough to end during the start of symptoms. When the cold virus has started to set in and multiply, you can reduce the duration of the cold through natural remedies. Before your sniffles turn into a bad sinus or ear infection, here are a few tips on how to fight them back. It may be too late to keep yourself from being ill in the first place; however, there are ways you can do to reduce the duration of the cold and ease the symptoms while you are recovering.

rencontre sexy nancy Below are eight essential tips:

1. Triple your vitamin D for three days

link A low level of vitamin D is prevalent in people who settle in northern climates. Whenever you begin going indoors to stay away from cooler temperatures, the ensuing decrease in vitamin D levels – which the body produces as sunshine touches our skin – makes us more vulnerable to viruses.

female viagra name and price in india The T-cells are the immune system’s first line of defense, which stays dormant up until they are activated to identify and eliminate infections from bacteria and viruses. According to a Danish study, the initial stage of T-cell activation includes vitamin D – whenever a T-cell is exposed to a bacteria or virus, it conducts a signal to look for vitamin D in the blood. For without vitamin D, activation of T-cell is halted in its tracks.

2. Top off your vitamin C

When it comes to stopping the symptoms of cold, just as with vitamin D, you require vitamin C also to enhance your defenses. Vitamin C affects your ability to fend off infections through stimulating the white blood cells and increasing the speed at which they move to the site of infections. According to the scientists at the University Of Texas Health Science Center that the white blood cells of 12 individuals before and after each individual took 1 gram of vitamin

C every day for 2 weeks and has found out that their disease-killing white blood cells became more active through increasing vitamin C supplementation.

3. Put on wet socks and hit snooze

This tip may not sound that appealing; however this natural remedy can help in stopping a cold flu or fever by simply stimulating the immune system and improving the circulation. And best of all, you are only going to need simple ingredients: a pair of thick wool socks or cotton socks and a towel.

First is to immerse the cotton socks in cold water. Squeeze them slightly and put them on your feet. Next is to take a pair of thick wool socks and place them over the wet socks. If you like, you can place a towel beneath your feet – then go to sleep immediately. Repeat this for 2-3 nights or until your sickness has passed.

4. Take a hot shower.

Either if you are coughing or sneezing, the steam coming from a hot shower or humidifier can help loosen the congestion in your head and chest. According to studies that humid air can be deadly to viruses.

5. Drink up

As you already know, keeping yourself hydrated is vital for you to feel better. If you are already ill, taking in lots of fluids can thin congestion and moistens your throat. If you don’t like plain water, try drinking hot, vegetable or chicken broth or infused water with added flavor.

6. Get a good night’s sleep

It is already obvious that getting the right amount of sleep is crucial for staying fit. However, just how important is it? According to studies that people who sleep for less than 7 hours an average are three times to get a cold likely as compared to those who sleep for 8 hours or more. So, if think you have a cold or flu coming, make sure to get enough sleep.

7. Gargle with salt water

If you have a sore throat, salt water can greatly help in easing the pain. Salt doesn’t only reduce inflammation in the throat; it also eradicates bacteria and viruses. Try gargling 8 ounces of warm water with half a tablespoon of salt in.

8. Eat immunity boosting foods

If you want to stay healthy this cold and flu season, eating immunity boosting foods like chicken soup, yogurt, mushrooms and garlic can greatly help.

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