8 Moves for the Perfect Bubble Butt

girl doing leg lifts

Perfect fannies are not only good for swimsuit season ladies! Do not get lazy, only because you are not walking around in your bathing suit yet. These workouts are easy to integrate with any exercise routine. Whether if you are in the gym, your house or a park, these moves can work on your glutes. By then, you can flaunt those leggings, shorts and yoga pants without regrets or shame.

Here are 8 moves to firming and shaping that tushie.

1.    Tip Toe Squat:

Squats are an essential move if you want to have that bubble butt, and this move creates a fresh twist on the old-style squat. The most vital part on doing this exercise is the posture!

2.    Scissor Jumps:

This move is a bouncier variation of the typical lunge; this is a great move that helps you get that perfect bubble butt.

Tip: If the scissor jump is just too tough on your knees, take a minor step in the middle of every lunge to take some weight off!

3.    Lunges:

Here is another essential move to tighten up your glutes! Proper posture is always vital.

4.    Straight Leg Pulse:

With your hands and knees, stretch one arm out and at the same time the stretching out the opposite leg.  Swiftly pulse your arm and leg for about 15 to 21 repetition. Bear in mind to maintain a straight spine and your stomach tight. Do three sets for each side.

5.    Wall Sit:

Do not let the term “sit” discourage you, for this move makes you feel the burn!

Tip: If you want more challenge, raise one leg and try holding it out straight in front of you when you sit. Change legs each 15 seconds.

6.    Glute Bridge:

Make sure to include this move on your routine if you want those toned butts! If you like that extra challenge, try raising one leg when lifting your hips.

7.    Barbell Kneeling Squat:

Kneel down on the floor, and settle a straight bar or a barbell across your shoulders. Maintain your head forward when you sit back on your buttocks up to you touch your calves. As you gently come back to the initial position, make sure to maintain your torso straight.

8.    Leg Lift:

As you lay flat on your back, have your legs kick up in the air, so the bases of your feet are facing in the ceiling. Gently lower down your legs till they are about 2 inches from the ground, and then go back to the initial position. Make sure to have your stomach flat when you complete the workout. Repeat for about three sets in 12 to 15 repetitions.

Tip: If you are worried on maintaining your lower back on the floor, place your hands below your butt. It is going to help tilt your hips up and take away some of the stress on your back.