7 Foods That Strengthen Your Immune System

How do you strengthen your immune system to avoid getting sick? Environmental pollutants and the toxins presented in our foods takes a toll to our immune health. To ensure your immune system does an optimal job in defending your body from pathogens and warding off illnesses, make sure to always include these immune-boosting power foods in your diet regularly.

Sweet Potatoes (Beta-Carotene)

Sweet Potatoes

Regular consumption of sweet potatoes is beneficial to maintain optimal level of immunity. Sweet potato is rich in beta carotene, which is the best precursor of Vitamin A. It is known to be an immune booster and is proven to be beneficial for those with compromised immune systems.

Beta carotene, which is present in sweet potatoes and carrots, supports thymus activity. Thymus gland helps your immune system by fighting viruses and pathogens; and kills cancerous cells before they even spread out.

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