6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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Are you curious why some individuals can eat anything they like without gaining any weight? Or can you still remember your younger years when you always indulged on junk food and sweets and didn’t add an inch in your waist? Well, the answer lies in an individual’s metabolism. Several scientific studies showed that metabolism is connected to weight loss. In most cases, slow metabolism leads to weight gain.

First and foremost, what is metabolism? Metabolism is a process wherein the human body converts what an individual drinks and eats into energy. During this biochemical process, the calories in beverages and food are combined with oxygen to discharge the energy your body needs in order to function. The amount of calories your body utilizes to perform daily functions is identified as your basal metabolic rate or your metabolism.

Metabolic rate differs from one person to another. Various factors such as diet and nutrition, stress, age, genetics, physical activity and lifestyle affect one’s metabolism. Hence, how can you keep your metabolism running at the optimum level?

The following are simple yet effective ways to burn your calories faster and maintain your metabolism at the highest capacity!

Consume 6-8 small meals as an alternative to 3 large ones.

Frequent, light eating expends energy and keeps your body active; as a result, your metabolic rate is high. If you let yourself starve for long hours, your body conserves calories by slowing down the metabolism that is why some diets are counterproductive.

Eat breakfast daily.

Eating breakfast boosts your resting metabolism by up to ten percent as it aids the body kick start from its sleep mode to a more active condition. Not giving much attention to your daily breakfast keeps your metabolism slow and you end up absorbing all those calories from your heavy lunch since you are starving by then.

Moderate caffeine intake.

Researches show that consuming adequate amounts of caffeine have a positive effect on metabolism. Drink green tea instead of coffee or a regular tea since it has also anti ageing properties and boosts the immune system. Take note; do not ingest caffeine prior to sleeping as it can disrupt your sleep.

Do weight training.

Doing weight training transforms your body into a more efficient fuel burning machine. How? Weight training develops your lean muscles and these muscles burn more calories than fat even if you are inactive. In fact, muscles maintain your fast burn rate even if you discontinue exercising.

Have six to eight hours continuous sleep every day.

Scientists revealed that your metabolic rate augments during deep sleep or REM cycles. Missing out a long, uninterrupted night’s rest compromises your body’s ability to process the food you ate. Therefore, ensure you get enough sound sleep.

Drink plenty of water.

Your body requires water to process calories. Even mild dehydration causes your metabolic rate to slow down. According to studies, individuals who drank eight or more glasses of water per day burned huge amount of calories than those who don’t. So to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water or unsweetened beverages throughout the day. Also, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, which naturally contain water, instead of chips and soda.

Maintain Your Metabolic Rate Even as You Grow Older

As you age, uncontrollable natural changes take place including decline of activity levels and decrease of muscle mass that affect your metabolism. In order to maintain or even increase your metabolic rate, it is important to eat and drink healthy, and maximize your fitness training. Retaining or increasing your rate is possible but it necessitates firm determination on your part.

Lastly, these tips may not be effective for individuals who are taking drugs that obstruct with their body’s natural metabolic rate or those with hypothyroidism.

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