Tuesday Ten: Powerful Food Combos

The body can benefit from a long list of healthy foods. BUT, eating a combination of two or more healthy foods will certainly go a long way. By doing this, your body can absorb nutrients, function efficiently and fight diseases better.

Today I will be sharing 10 food combinations that are better when eaten together. Just think of them as extremely healthy relationships that do a body good.

1. Apples & Chocolate

apples and chocolate

Apples are naturally rich with an anti-inflammatory flavonoid known as quercetin, mostly found in their skins, but it is also very important to choose organic because pesticide residues are concentrated in the skin. Red apples, in particular, contain more quercetin than any other kinds of apple. Quercetin has been acknowledged to lessen the possibility of allergies, prostate and lung cancers, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Meanwhile, chocolates contain the flavonoid catechin. Catechin is an antioxidant that lessens the risk of cancer and atherosclerosis.

According to a research made by Barry Halliwell, a well-known food science professor at the National University of Singapore, quercetin and catechin relax clumpy blood platelets, improve heart health and provide anticoagulant activity.

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